The best way to learn about an country's history and culture is through engaging with local people and discovering its typical food. A Food Experience allows you to enjoy an authentic local menu prepared by our carefully selected home cooks, and eat with them around their dinner table just like one of the family. A Food Experience is an authentic and unique way to immerse yourself in Italy's cultural heritage.

Some of our Food Experiences: 

Dining Experience:
Enjoy a typical lunch or dinner at your Cesarina's house, including wine. Perfect for people who want to treat themselves and feel just like part of an Italian family. 

Cooking Class:
What could be a better souvenir than cooking knowledge? Learn how to prepare 3 local recipes from scratch with your Cesarina, and learn the secrets of regional Italian cuisine. After your class, you will enjoy everything you've prepared with local wine. 

Market tour:
Want to add an extra level to your cooking class? Meet your Cesarina at a local market, where you can immerse yourself in the amazing atmosphere and learn how to choose the best produce. 

Personal chef:
Want to impress your friends, treat your family, or do you just put your feet up after a long day of exploring Italy? Just get in touch with our team, and we can organise for a Cesarina to prepare a special dinner in your rented accommodation. Enjoy the best of Italy from the comfort of your own accommodation. 

Looking for something else?
We organise all sorts of exciting and unique culinary events all over Italy, so you're in the right place. Just get in touch with our team to explain what you're looking for 😊

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